Web Chat Overview

This provides information on the different features Web Chat has to offer.

This is a feature of Multimedia that aids clients when they visit your website. When going onto your site, the client can use chat box if they desire to speak with a live agent. Agents can customize their messages for greetings, endings, etc. They can also send screenshots and files over the chat box to help answer the client’s questions.

Available to Agents

When web chatting with a client, there are a lot of tools available to the agent. When greeting, saying a goodbye to, or answering a common question, agents have the option to go into their canned messages, which are pre-written responses the agent can set up. An agent can also transfer the client to another agent to chat to if they would have more information than the initial agent can provide. When answering a client’s question, agents also have the option to send clickable help links, as well as request to see a screenshot of the client's web page to assist in answering. The client cannot initiate the screenshot send and the agent cannot send the client a screenshot of their own.

Available to Client

Each client will be able to web chat with a live agent directly to guide them through any part of the website they are confused about.

Web Chat Configuration

Web chat boxes can also be customized to your liking. You can determine the chat bubble colors, change the sound alerts for your chats, add an agent image, a logo, and even customize which tabs on your website the web chat box will pop up on.



In order to have Web Chat licenses and use the Web Chat feature, you must first have at least one Skills-Based Routing license.