Obtaining a Recording/Call Key

This document provides information on how to obtain a recording key or call key.

A recording key and a call key are both a combination of a unique identifier (UUID) as well as a start and end time, which is used to determine the object's location within BlueDB. To get a full list of call keys, create a custom time frame report that includes the call key within it. There is a report field for call reports where it will print out the full database call key. It's simply Call Key inside custom reports. The report can be run from the API to obtain the keys programmatically. To obtain a recording key, use the API to get recordings in a given time frame.

Use Cases

GET /api/v1/recordings?startTime={startTime}&endTime={endTime}

An endpoint to obtain all the recording records in a given time frame.


startTime long

The start of the time frame in milliseconds since epoch.

endTime long

The end of the time frame in milliseconds since epoch.


If a successful request is made, then a json list of basic recording record data will be returned. The result can be an empty list. Recordings for which the user does not have access will not be returned.

Status CodeFailure

401 Unauthorized

The authorization header wasn't valid.**

403 Forbidden

The authenticated user doesn't have Chronicall access to the call.