Call Detail View

Call Detail View provides an intuitive system that allows you to view the information Chronicall gathers. This feature stores and displays certain event that takes place during a phone call such as talking, drop, and ringing events. You can also see any users, hunt groups, and external parties that may have been involved in the call. In short, Call Detail View allows you to view certain details and events of a call from beginning to end of the call’s life.


Call Detail View also provides a layout that can be customized to fit your company’s needs. You can filter your data to only show the specific calls you are looking for. You can also sort, search, and rearrange your tabular data to further fit your desired layout.

Call Detail View does not show events such as transfers, hold times, or queues. To be able to see these events will require the AES and Basic TSAPI Licensing. Additionally, you will use Cradle to Grave instead of Call Detail view for calls where agents with TSAPI licenses were involved.