Click to Dial

After creating a Service User within the Chronicall UI, you will be given an authentication key.
Anytime a request is made to the API, an authentication key must be present.

Add the following header to your API request:

 Authorization : Bearer {authentication_key}

By having the authorization key present, you will be able to access everything that the Service User is set up in Chronicall to have access to.

Note: For this feature, you must be updated to version 4.2.3 or newer.

Use Cases

Programmatically make a call (Click to Dial) for an agent. When this endpoint is used, it will dial the desired agent's extension. Then, once connected with the agent, it will connect the call to the desired "numberToDial".

Click to Dial

POST /rest/api/v1/agents/{AgentId}/click-to-dial

Will Click to Dial the number for the agent.



The AgentId of the desired agent.


The dial out external prefix, e.g., 9.


The number the agent should dial. This can be an extension or an external number. It should be formatted as the agent would dial it.
  "externalPrefix" : "9",
  "numberToDial" : "8017132800"


204 status code for success.

Status CodeFailure

400 Bad Request

Malformed JSON request body.

401 Unauthorized

The authorization header wasn’t valid.

403 Forbidden

The authenticated user doesn’t have Chronicall access to view data one or more of the requested agents or groups.