Advanced Criteria Editor

This provides information on how to adjust and edit the advanced criteria within Custom Reports.


Many filters use an advanced editor that gives you the ability to create flexible and powerful filter criteria. This editor can be opened by pressing the button to the far right of a filter.

Most of the editor window is taken up by a list of your custom criteria. To add new criteria to the list, click Add and type your criteria into the text field. For example, if you are creating criteria for a Calling Party filter, you would fill the text fields with the phone numbers of certain calling parties.

You can also choose an option from the drop-down list to the left of each criterion. These options tell the filter how to use the information you entered.

  • Equal tells the filter to find calls or events that match the information. Not Equal does the opposite and excludes calls or events that match the information.
  • Starts With, Ends With, Contains, and Does Not Contain will look for calls and events that match some part of your entered criteria. For example, simply entering the number 1 and choosing the Starts With option will only return phone numbers that start with 1.
  • Is Blank and Not Blank do not need any extra information and will return any calls or events that either include or do not include any data of the desired type.
  • The RegEx option allows you to enter a regular expression. This option is for advanced agents. See Regular Expressions for more information.

At the top of the window, you can choose whether to Include ANY or Include ALL of your given criteria. Include ANY will collect data that matches one or more of your criteria, while Include ALL will only collect data that matches all of your criteria simultaneously.

When you're finished creating criteria, press OK.