Cradle to Grave - Quick Start Guide

This gives some beginner details on how to start using Cradle to Grave.

Using Cradle to Grave

In the top left-hand corner of the home page, there will be a tab called “Cradle to Grave” that you will click on. The configuration window will pop up and give you a few options.

Select Timeframe

To start your configuration, select your desired time frame. The Timeframe tab allows you to adjust the dates and times, which provides you the ability to see the calls within the desired timeframe. You can select any day, week, or month within the time frame that Chronicall was installed.

By accessing the "Advanced" option, you can add more flexibility to your time frame options, e.g., specific times of day, shifts, days, etc.

Once you have selected your time frame, you will have two options:

  1. Use the Cradle to Grave filters to narrow your search.
  2. Hit "Apply," and it will show you a chronological list of all calls that took place during the selected time frame.

Choose Filters

By using Cradle to Grave filters, you will have access to narrow down your calls to fit the exact criteria that you want to see.

There are three levels of filters:

  1. Call Level: These filters are more advanced because they allow you to drill down to find calls that fit very specific criteria. You can search for call directions/duration, event duration, calls that involve a specific number, etc.
  2. Event Level: These filters consist of basic or common filters. Search for calls involving specific agents, groups, and calls that contain specific events (ringing, queue, talking, hold, transfer, etc.)
  3. General Criteria: Use this to search for general agents/groups, or to filter information by calls and/or chats. (Chats require the Web Chat feature of Chronicall Multimedia)

By selecting the desired filters, you will be able to narrow down to the criteria that matters most to you.


One of the most common filters is to look for calls that are associated with a specific phone number, such as the "call includes external party" filter.

To do this:

  1. Select the desired time frame.
  2. General filters (if applicable) - Select calls/chats. For this scenario, select just calls.
  3. Event level filters - If needed, select an agent, group, or event associated with the call(s).
  4. Call level filters - Locate filter "call includes external party"
  5. Enter in the number(s) of interest.
  6. Hit "Apply"

For an easier phone number search, do not use any special symbols (e.g., parentheses, spaces, dashes, etc.).

What’s Next

Congrats! You’ve run a Cradle to Grave report inside Chronicall. You may want to learn how to move on to related subjects.