Calls by Campaign - {Campaign}

The Calls by Campaign report provides the ability to report on calls that belong to specific campaign rather than focusing strictly on specific agents or groups. This report will display every campaign call on its own line with the coinciding questions. It will then show you the score received for each question, followed by the composite score for the scorecard.

This is a Campaign report meaning that it requires the Chronicall Recording Library module. In order for the report to provide any information, a Scorecard Campaign must be created and must provide recordings as part of the Campaign in order for the report to provide any information.

Scorecards provide the ability to create a series of questions wherein the manager may evaluate the agent/group performance based on the recordings that coincide with the scorecard. Once a call has been scored, you may then run a report that will provide the scored call statistics.

The Calls by Campaign report is a Detailed report. As a Detailed report, each line on the report will represent one individual call and will provide details for each call. Each line provides a Call ID. The Call ID is a number that is associated with the call in the Chronicall database. It is a useful number because once the report is run, you can copy the Call ID for any call found on the report, take it to Cradle to Grave for the same timeframe, paste it in the Quick Search tool (look for the magnifying glass icon in the top left-hand corner of Cradle to Grave), and it will take you directly to the call. This will then allow you to see the detailed events of the call.


Recording Library Report License Requirements

This report is a Campaign report, which means that it requires the Chronicall Recording Library module.

Note: To learn how to create a Scorecard Campaign, click here.



Column Descriptions


Displays the call's Call ID. A Call ID is an ID number that corresponds to the calls within the database. This report will also display the agent/group involved with the call.

Question Score

  • Shows the score(s) for the associated question(s) associated with the given campaign.

It's important to know that the report will provide an individual column for each question found in the campaign. This provides an individual score for the individual questions found on the campaign (See below).



Question Values

Each style of question will provide a different value

  • Yes/No Questions
  • Yes = 10
  • No = 0
  • Scale of 1-10
  • The score for a scale of 1-10 question will be based on the score given. If the score given is '8' it the question will be worth 8 points. If it's '1', the question will be worth 1, etc.
  • Free-form (Text) Questions
  • Free-form questions hold no value, however, the report will display the answer given if an answer is provided.

Composite Score

Shows the combined average for all question scores for the campaign.