Inbound Calls by VDN

The Inbound Calls by VDN report is a list of every phone call for the selected VDN* for a selected time frame. This report is a Detailed report, which means that every line of the report represents one phone call.

In addition to being a Detailed report, it is sub-grouped by VDN. This means that the report will be broken down into an individual mini report for each of the selected VDNs. If viewing the report In the HTML view, click "open," which is located at the end of the column of each VDN. You will then be able to easily see which calls are associated with which VDNs.

*VDN is the Vector Directory Number, which places a call in queue. This report provides a list of calls that come in on different VDNs.



Column Descriptions


This rows column displays the Call ID for each call. A Call ID is an ID number that corresponds to the calls within the Chronicall database.

External Party

This column shows the phone number of the external party associated with the given phone call.

  • For inbound calls, this is the number of the calling party. (The person calling in.)
  • For outbound calls, this is the dialed party number. (The number your agents dialed.)
  • For internal calls, this field is blank.

Call Location

This column shows the name of the city and state/province/country from which the external party is calling or receiving the call.

Is Answered

This columns shows a check mark if the given call was answered; shows blank if the call was not answered.

Time to Answer

This column shows the time it took for the given call to be answered. Time to answer is defined as the time between the call reaching the phone system and the first Talking event of the call.


  • This column only applies to Inbound calls.

Call Duration

This column shows the entire amount of time between when the call started and ended. This is how long the call lasted.

Start Time

This column shows the date and time that the given call started. (Typically formatted as 11 Dec 2021 1:34:43)