Chronicall Desktop for Mac - Installation/Configuration

This provides information on how to install and configure Chronicall Desktop for Mac.

The Chronicall Desktop is a separate Download and install from the Chronicall Software. It is a Desktop application that provides several helpful features:

  1. Browserless Chronicall - This means you can access Chronicall outside of a web browser
  2. Chronicall Heartbeat - Alerts you whenever an issue interrupts Chronicall (logging issues, disk-space issues, recording issues)
  3. Instant 911/Emergency Call notification
  4. Automatic launch of Realtime Wallboards in full screen at startup
  5. Agent Dashboards (requires Agent Dashboards seat licenses), which includes Realtime widgets, pop-up call notifications, and more.

Installing Chronicall Desktop - Mac Installation

To install Chronicall Desktop for Mac:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Within the Finder Menu, select Go > Home to navigate to your Home folder
    Note: If you see a folder called "Applications" in your home folder, skip to step 5
  3. Create a new folder in your Home folder
  4. Give the folder the name "Applications."
  5. Open the Applications folder in your home folder
  6. Download and open the Chronicall Desktop file.
  7. Drag the files from the Chronicall Desktop installation file into the Applications folder in your home directory.
  8. To launch Chronicall Desktop for the first time, "Ctrl Click" on the Chronicall Desktop and click "Open."
  9. Click on "Open" button.

Upon completion of installation, a login prompt will appear. The agent will then find their name in the list. Username will be their name. By default, their password will be their extension. This can, of course, be changed at a later time.