Cisco Installation FAQs

System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows XP PRO or higher
Windows Server OS (2003, 2008, 2012)
Debian or Red Hat Linux
Can be virtualized using VM Ware or Hyper-V
RAM4GB (minimum)
The amount of memory depends on:How many Realtime agents are licensed
How many other applications are on the same
Add 2 GB Ram for every 10,000 calls a day.
File Storage1 MB / 500 Calls 250 GB (minimum)
CPU4-Core Xeon 4 GHz or better
Java 7 for WindowsOracle Java for Linux (talk to Support)

Cisco Requirements

Cisco Release8.0 and higher
No Cisco licenses required
Connection TypeCDR Data - pulls the CDR records
AXL (Application User) - pulls the Directory Numbers, groups, and number information
JTAPI - used for Realtime data and call recording
Built-In Bridge used for call recording


  • Chronicall is supported on Cisco UCM Release 8.0 or higher.
  • Chronicall with Standard Reports using CDR will not have Cradle to Grave. It will have a different view called “Call Detail View.” However, this view will look like Cradle to Grave if reporting on all users.
  • All users will show up in Call Detailed View.
  • The database storage is about 10,000,000 calls for every 20 GB of hard drive space.
  • Recordings are saved at a rate of 100k per minute.
  • Recording Library uses the built-in bridge. Users can pause and start recordings from their docking station and use our API for compliance purposes.
  • UCCX data is delivered in Realtime by monitoring the CTI users within Cisco.

Common Questions

CDR data is reset after three months. Does Chronicall database reset?
No, you can run reports for as large as the database is based on hard drive. This means you can keep data for years.

Can Chronicall report on the built in Queues/Hunt Lists?
Yes, Chronicall can report on the queues both historically and in Realtime.

Can you use the wallboards for UCCX queues and agents?
Yes, Chronicall is an alternative if your customer doesn’t like the CUIC interface.

Can I use Chronicall Built-In Bridge and another call recording solution at the same time?
Not if both solutions use the Built-In Bridge. Each user can only I have one recording profile.

Can Chronicall report on UCCE?

Can Chronicall report on UCCX?

Can Chronicall report on Arc Console?
Yes, but this will require some custom report functionality. Arc Console assigns Directory Numbers as park, hold, or queue events. Chronicall reports need to be updated to display the correct event based on the Directory Number