Function of Chronicall Browserless

Chronicall Browserless is a desktop application that can be installed during the Chronicall Desktop installation process.

The Chronicall Browserless application allows you to access the Chronicall software outside of an internet browser.

Once you have the Chronicall Desktop installed, you will have access to two desktop applications: Chronicall Desktop (see Functions of Chronicall Desktop) and Browserless Chronicall.

This is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. Using the Browserless Chronicall desktop application, an internet browser is not required.

Note: Currently, the only internet browser that supports the Java needed to access Chronicall is Internet Explorer.

  1. By using the Chronicall Browserless, it will not be necessary to continually update the Java, at least not for Chronicall purposes.

Once the Chronicall Browserless application has been selected, the Chronicall login page will appear outside of a web-browser. You can then login and perform the desired functions in regards to the licenses you've purchased.