Licensed Desktop Agents

This provides information on how to assign Agent Dashboards licenses. This requires the Realtime and Agent Dashboards licenses.

If you have purchased the Chronicall Agent Dashboards module, you will need to assign the Chronicall Agent Dashboards licenses. In order for an agent access the Agent Dashboards features there are two things that have to take place:

Note: Desktop licenses are concurrent licenses meaning they can be a shared license. However, agents must also be assigned a Realtime Agent Seat License (see Licensed Realtime Agents)

Assigning Agent Dashboards Licenses

To assign the Agent Dashboards licenses:

Under "Agent Management" on the Chronicall main menu, select "Licensed Desktop Agents."

A window will then appear that will show all agents that have been assigned the Realtime Agent Seat license.


From the list of agents on the left, select the agents to which you would like to assign the licenses then move them to the right using the right pointing arrow button.


Note: When selecting the agents, hold down the control button and select the agents. This will allow you to select multiple agents at once. You can also hold the shift button down, select the desired first and last agents, and it will select the everyone in between the first and last agents.

Once the desired agents have been selected and moved to the right, hit "OK" and the agents will be assigned the license.