This section provides suggested best practices for Realtime that you can incorporate into your Chronicall experience.

Display Offline Agents

In Supervisor View and agent-based Leaderboard Widgets, you’ll find a toggle to “Display Offline Agents.” If your goal is to focus on agents who are actively engaged or available in your contact center, leave this toggle unchecked. It’s a great way to optimize the space used onscreen as well. If your priority is to ensure agents are logged into the contact center, you may choose to toggle this setting.

Customize Your Realtime Loops

Utilize Realtime Loops to display specific wallboards to the Contact Center floor or elsewhere. Using a generated link from a wallboard loop does not require the target audience to sign into a User Account and does not expose them to other contact center features / data they should not have. Do not let the term “loops” confuse you as Realtime Loops does not require multiple wallboards. If you want to build and share a loop with one wallboard, that is perfectly fine. To share an existing loop, go to Realtime Displays > Loops and select the ellipsis icon “...” for a specific loop. Lastly, select “Generate External View Link” and share the unique URL with those who need to view the wallboard(s).

Leaderboard Widget

  • Encourage competition by ranking agents based on a defined performance indicator. By default, when utilizing an agent-based leaderboard, the agents are listed alphabetically. If you want your best performers on top, edit the widget with Design > Table > Sort by. Then choose your performance metric (i.e. calls answered). Lastly, modify the order to “Descending” to list the highest values first.
  • To maximize the number of columns you can fit in a leaderboard, consider keeping the column header names short or abbreviated.
  • When building an agent-based leaderboard, use Roles instead of named agents. This way, you will not need to modify the widget every time you hire a new agent to the team. If you simply add the new agent to applicable Roles, the leaderboard will display the new user’s statistics without modification.