OVA Q&A Sheet

This is a question and answer sheet that answers questions you may have about OVA.

What’s included in the OVA?

Operating System is Centos 7
Chroniall version is 4.2

To install an OVA, first note that OVAs are installed in demo mode and require a serial key to log call data from your PBX.

The OVA contains preinstalled software modules including Reporting, Realtime, and Agent Dashboards. Any application such as Recording Library or Contact Center (Multimedia) will need to be downloaded and run using the apps setup. You can download it here: www.ximasoftware.com/oemdownloads

Where is the OVA located?


What are the credentials to run it?

Chronicall OVA
Username: administrator
Password: ximapass1!

What is the Root Password?

A Root password has not been created. Once the OVA is deployed, you can log in via SSH and create a new Root password.

What are the minimum specs?

The specs don’t change when running the OVA. Please ensure your system is configured to the appropriate system requirements. To view the current system specs for Chronicall, click here: Chronicall Server Requirements