This section provides suggested best practices for Reporting that you can incorporate into your Chronicall experience.

Star Your Reports

Mark your best / most used reports as favorites so they will always be at the top of the extensive list of reports for your User Account. To mark a report as a favorite, hover over the report in the list view and select the star icon. The star will turn yellow and will move the report to the list with other favorite reports.

Scheduled Reports Best Practices

  • As there is no limit to how many schedules you can create for automated reports, we encourage you to be detailed in the naming of each. A common practice is to include the department, focus, frequency, and supervisor’s name (if applicable) in the schedule name. For example, “Kathy’s Weekly Sales Team Reports.” This will allow for better management of many schedules, especially for administrators who can see all schedules.
  • When building scheduled reports for agent statistics, use Roles instead of named agents. This way, you will not need to modify the scheduled report every time you hire a new agent to the team. If you simply add the new agent to applicable Roles, the scheduled reports will pull the new user’s statistics without modification.
  • When creating multiple schedules, please make sure to spread their run times out. Setting multiple large reports to run all at the same time can slow down your system.