Creating a Wallboard Loop

This provides information on how to set up and use the Loop feature in Realtime.

To access this feature, enter in the Chronicall IP address followed by “:9080/web” to go to the main screen. You’ll be directed to the Reports screen. To get to the Loops tab, click on the trending upward arrow icon located on the left-hand side of the screen, and click on “Loops.”

Once there, the Loops webpage will have a button that says “Create a Loop” on the right side that you can click on. A new window will pop up with a couple of boxes for you to fill in.

Loop Name: In this box, you’ll type in the name you would like to call the loop.

Wallboards: In this box, you’ll click “Add New Wallboard to Loop” and two drop-down boxes will appear for you to click. The first drop-down box allows you to choose which wallboard you want to put in the loop. The second drop-down box allows you to select the amount of time you’d like that wallboard to show before it switches to the next wallboard. It’s worth noting that you need to create a wallboard before you can create a loop.

Continue to click “Add New Wallboard to Loop” until you have all the wallboards you would like in a particular loop. Once you’re done, click “Apply.” The new loop will show up on the Loops webpage.

Your loop will show up as a new row. At the end of each row, there are a couple of icons. The first one is a star. You can click the star to highlight any frequently used and/or favorite loops. There is also an ellipsis icon that you can click for a few options.

Edit: This option allows you to make changes to the loop you’ve created.

Delete: This option allows you to delete the loop if it is no longer of use to you.

Open: This option allows you to open and view the loop you’ve created.

Generate External View Link: This option provides you with a link that you can share with those you would like to view, but not edit, the wallboard loop.