Call Details (Basic)

The Call Details (Basic) report is a Call Detailed report. This means that each line on the report will represent one individual call and will provide details for each call. This report is very similar to the Call Details report. The main difference has to do with the columns found on the report. The Call Details (Basic) report is just that, basic. It will show fewer columns than the original Call Details report. In particular, this report will not present the Account Code column, nor will it present whether or not a call was recorded. Therefore, if you have not purchased the Recording Library or Agent Dashboards module, use this report instead.

This report displays a list of calls, sorted by Call ID. The Call ID is a number that is associated with the call in the Chronicall database. It is a useful number because once the report is run, you can copy the Call ID for any call found on the report, take it to Cradle to Grave for the same time frame, paste it in the Quick Search tool, and it will take you directly to the call. This will then allow you to see the detailed events of the call.

The report's columns include general information about the call, regardless of the group or agent. This report displays info for every call that took place during the selected time frame.



Column Descriptions


A Call ID is an ID number that corresponds to the calls within the database.

Call Direction

Shows whether the given call was an inbound, outbound, or internal call.

Call Duration

Shows the entire amount of time between when the call started and ended. This is how long the call lasted.

Start Time

Shows the date and time that the given call started (format: 21 Apr 2011 17:13:37).

Dialed Party Number

Shows the first phone number that was dialed to initiate the phone call.

  • For internal calls, this will be the extension number that was dialed.
  • For inbound calls, this will be the number that the external party dialed to reach your phone system.
  • For outbound calls, this will be the number that the agent dialed to reach their intended target.

Internal Party

Shows the number of the internal party associated with the call.

  • For inbound calls, this shows the dialed party number.
  • For outbound calls, this shows the calling party number.
  • For internal calls, this field is blank.

External Party

Shows the phone number of the external party associated with the given phone call.

  • For inbound calls, this is the number of the calling party.
  • For outbound calls, this is the dialed party number.
  • For internal calls, this field is blank.

Talking Duration

Shows the total duration of talking events on the given call.