Caller Name Override

This article provides information on the caller name override feature and how to set that up on your computer.

Caller name override is a feature that provides a way to override caller ID for all inbound calls from specific numbers.

Caller name override will specifically only apply after settings are saved as well as every day at midnight. It won’t update if we just update the CSV. To reiterate, you will have to save settings or wait until midnight for them to be reloaded. This does if you select “URL” as well.


CSV Only Applies Moving Forward

The caller name override setting and the CSV only applies moving forward. They are not a retroactive setting. Once caller name override has been set, from then on out we will log them with a different caller name. It will not go backward and affect any historical data whatsoever. It is only intended to go and affect calls from when it is saved and onward.

To access Caller Name Override, follow these steps below.

  1. Go to the main page of Chronicall.
  2. Click the “Admin (System” tab on the left-hand side bar.
  3. Click “System Settings” in the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Click “Basic Settings.”
  5. From here, click the drop down arrow next to “Caller Name Override.” This should be the second metric from the top.
  6. There are three options that you can choose from.
    a. Blank: This means Caller Name Override is disabled.
    b. File: This allows you to read the CSV directly from disk. That will be located in a specific spot and it is not able to be configured.
    c. URL: This allows the server to reach out to any web-accessible URL and grab a CSV from there.
  7. In this example, we will select “File” and then select resources/caller_name_override.csv so you can use a CSV that you’ve created.

The installer does not automatically add a CSV, so you will need to add a CSV to the correct folder before clicking on “Save” in your settings. The file must be named caller_name_override.csv, so please keep that in mind as you add this CSV. The correct folder to save a CSV to is Chronicall Installation Folder > resources.

When looking at a basic CSV file, you’ll note that there are a few lines of information. The first line of the CSV is completely ignored every time. The first value needs to be the phone number (without spaces or special characters). Follow the number by a comma then include the override name. Everything after a second comma is completely ignored. If you want to add a comma in the name, you can surround the name in quotation marks and the comma will appear in text.

  1. Once that is done, click on “Save.”