Abandoned Calls vs. Missed Calls

This explains the differences between an abandoned call and a missed call. Though similar, they are distinguishable.

Abandoned Calls

An abandoned call is defined as any inbound call that does not end in a talking or voicemail event.

For instance, the call below ended when the caller decided to hang up after staying in the Auto Attendant menu for thirty-seven seconds. This could have happened because the caller changed his mind, or perhaps the choices presented in the Auto Attendant were unclear. In any case, this will count as an abandoned call.


The image below shows what this call would look like in an abandoned calls report.


Please note that it is possible for an abandoned call to also be an answered call. The call below was answered by Sara West and transferred to the billing hunt group. However, no one in the billing hunt group was available, so the call went into the group's queue. After waiting for almost a minute and a half, the caller decided to hang up. The call includes a talking event, so it was answered, but it also ends in a queue event, meaning it was abandoned.


The image below shows this call as it would appear in the abandoned calls report. Notice the check mark in the answered column.


Missed Calls

A missed call is a call where an agent or group was involved in one or more ringing or queue event, but not a talking event, meaning they never answered the call. The call below is an example of a missed call.


Please note that although Jasmine White may be part of a hunt group (sales, for instance), this call was directed to her extension specifically. We know this because it does not list the sales hunt group in the hunt group column. This means that on an agent report, this call will appear as missed for Jasmine. But if we were to run a hunt group report for the sales group, this call would not be included.

Another important note to remember is that inbound calls are not necessarily equal to answered calls plus missed calls. This is because there are some calls that are never presented to an agent or hunt group, and in Chronicall, a call must be presented to an agent or group before it can be missed by that agent or group. For example, the call below is neither answered nor missed, but it is an inbound call.


One final note about missed calls is that when a contact center call is missed, you can have the system auto log them out of all skills or put the agent into a timeout state where they will not receive any other contact center calls until the timer is up. In real time and reporting, you will see this state as timeout.