User Licenses

This provides information on Realtime Agent Seat licenses and Agent Desktop licenses, as well as descriptions on what each license includes.

In addition to being licensed in Chronicall, there are two additional licenses that can be purchased and assigned to users. Realtime Agent Seat Licenses and Agent Dashboard Licenses

Realtime Agent Seat Licenses

Realtime Agent Seat Licenses are a per user license meaning that they are not shared licenses. They must be assigned to the specific users that you wish to monitor in Realtime.

(For more information on Realtime see Realtime Overview)

Realtime provides four main functions:


Agent Dashboards

Agent Dashboard licenses are concurrent licenses, meaning they can be shared.

Note: Agent Dashboards requires a Realtime Agent Seat License be assigned to the selected users. In other words, you will not be able to assign users an Agent Dashboard License unless the user already has a Realtime Agent Seat License assigned to them.

Agent Dashboards provide users three main items: