List of Standard Reports

This list provides the ability to see a list of all standard reports and the licenses they require to be run.


Standard Reports and Licensing

Although the Standard Report license provides access to all reports, there are several reports that require further licensing. The list of reports below will be separated into the following categories

  • Standard Reports (no further licensing required)
  • Campaign Reports (Requires Recording Library)
  • Account Code Reports (Requires Agent Dashboards)
  • Realtime Feature Reports (Requires Realtime and occasionally Agent Dashboards)
  • Queue Callback or QCB Reports (Requires Queue Callback)
  • Web Chat or Chat Reports (Requires Web Chat)

Standard Reports

Standard Reports require no further licensing other than the base license of Chronicall.

911 Calls
Abandoned Calls
Agent Call Cost
Agent Call Cost Summary
Agent Calls
Agent Call Summary
Agent Call Volume
Agent Event Summary
Agent Inbound Calls
Agent Inbound Summary
Agent Outbound Calls
Agent Outbound Summary
Agent Performance Summary*
Agent Summary by Group*
Agent Talking Summary
Agent Transfer Summary
Base System Totals
Call Details*
Call Details (Basic)
Call Direction Summary
Calls by Call Direction
Calls by Caller ID
Calls by External Party
Conference Calls
Contact Center Agent Reason Code Trace
Contact Center Agent Performance Summary
Emergency Calls
Event Sequence Call List*
Event Sequence Calls by Agent
Excessive (Event Type) by Agent*
Excessive (Event Type) by Group*
External Number Summary
Group Abandoned Calls
Group Event Summary
Group Presented Calls*
Group Summary
Group Summary by Agent*
Inbound Caller ID Summary
Inbound Call Performance
Inbound Calls by Local Number
Inbound Call Service Level
Inbound Call Summary
Inbound Group Summary
Local Number Inbound Summary
Lost Call Summary
Outbound Calls by External Party
Outbound Call Summary
Queued Calls by Group
Queued Call Volume
Queued Summary by Group
Roles Call Cost
Roles Call Cost Summary
Tag Summary
Trunk Usage by Time
Trunk Usage Summary

*Note: Contains column(s) that require further licensing. However, even without the additional licensing, the report may still be run and will provide statistics. Without the additional licensing, the column(s) that require additional licensing will be empty.

Campaign Reports


Campaign Report Licensing Requirements

Campaign reports require the Recording Library License

Agent Scorecard Summary - {Campaign}
Calls by Campaign - {Campaign}
Campaign Summary - {Campaign}
Group Scorecard Summary - {Campaign}
Scores by Agent - {Campaign}
Scores by Group - {Campaign}

Queue Callback Reports


Queue Callback Report Licensing Requirements

Queue Callback reports require both the Skills based agent license as well as the queue callback license.

Callback Details
Skill Queue Callback Summary
Skill Queue Call Volume

Web Chat Reports


Web Chat Report Licensing Requirements

Web Chat reports require both the Skills based agent license as well as the Web Chat license.

Agent Call and Chat Performance Summary
Agent Chat Summary
Chat Volume
Group Chat Queue Summary
Group Chat Summary