Manage Recording Rules

This provides information on how to set up and manage recording rules. This is specific to VRTX and Cisco Built-In Bridge.

When using the Xima VRTX (Voice Recording Technology by Xima) or Chronicall Recording Library on Cisco, you will have the option to set your recording rules within Chronicall.

  1. Under the Recording section on the Chronicall main menu, locate "Manage Recording Rules".
  2. Once the Recording Rules appear, select "Add"
  1. You will now be shown a window with a list of Recording Rule options.

Inbound Number Dialed: Records the number that a client will dial to get into your phone system.

External Number: Records numbers that is not part of your phone system (Inbound and Outbound Calls)

Agent: Records the desired users/extensions (Inbound and Outbound Calls)

Group: Records the desired Hunt/Work groups (Inbound and Outbound Calls)

Basic Call Event: Allows you to select Groups/Users, but also allows you to select call direction

Advanced Call Event: Allows for very specific recording of calls with defined events (Similar to setting Cradle to Grave filters

Advanced Call (To this point): Allows for very specific recording of calls with events up to a certain point. (i.e., record this agent until they transfer the call)

Example 1 - Recording Agents/Extensions

For this article, let's choose the Agent option as the first example:

  1. To the right, select the ellipses, then select the Users/Extensions that you would like to record
  2. From the dropdown, select the percent of calls that you would like recorded
  3. Name your Rule, then hit "OK"

Example 2 - Recording Specific External Phone Numbers

It is frequently requested to record specific external numbers. An external number is a phone number that exists outside of the phone system. (i.e., it is a number that does not have an extension in the phone system.)

To record an external number:

  1. Open the Manage Recording Rules section and select "Add"
  2. Locate "External Number" and select it.
  3. Select the ellipses next to "External Number"
  4. In the new window, select "Include Any" and hit "Add"
  5. In the dropdown, select the option that best fits your criteria, then type in the number of interest
  1. Repeat for any additional numbers of interest

Note: When entering the number, for better results omit any spaces, parentheses, and dashes.