Shoretel ECC Integration - Realtime Setup

This provides information on how to set up ECC integration. This is for new Shoretel installations.

  1. Install Chronicall.
  2. Once installed, open System Settings.
    a. When Chronicall is installed on the DVS or ShoreTel Enhanced TAPI application server, verify that the HQ IP Address and the Database Address both reflect the HQ Server IP Address.
  3. Log out of Chronicall.
  4. Log in to your Contact Center Director, AKA the “ECC Director”. We are going to be setting up the “RTE Port” (Real-Time Events) and the “RTA Port” (Real-Time Adherence). On newer versions of ShoreTel ECC (anything after release 9) it will not have an “RTA” available. In this situation, you will only have to set up the “RTE Port”.
  5. Follow this path to set that up: System Parameters -> External Interfaces.
  6. Once you are in “External Interfaces”, you can check to see what ports they are presently assigned by clicking on “Event Feed Ports”. They are typically default at iRTA – 31455 (If available) and RTE – 31456
    a. If they are not the default ports, make note of what ports they are for later.
  7. Once you verify the ports, navigate to “Event Feeds” and select “New”. Enter in Username such as “xima_rte”. (Write the user name down for later use as well.)
  8. Create a Password. You can use the standard default “password”. (Write this down for later use.)
  9. Switch the Connection Type to “Real-Time Events”.
  10. Select Create.
  11. If the RTA is available, you will want to configure that as well.
    a. (You’ll know if it is when you are looking at the “Event Feed Ports”. If RTA is not found under “Event Feed Ports” then you can skip this step. If it is, hit “New” again.
    b. Enter in Username. Enter in Username such as “xima_rta”. (Write this down for later use.)
    c. Enter a Password. You can use the standard default “password”. (Write this down for later use.)
    d. Switch the Connection Type to “Real-Time Adherence (RTA)”.
    e. Select Create.
  12. Restart the Chronicall Services.
  13. Log back in to Chronicall and go to System Settings, then ShoreTel Site 1.
  14. Click on the ECC Integration ellipses (...).
  15. Enter in the ECC IP Address.
    a. Most likely, the default RTA and RTE ports will already be in place. If they were changed in ECC, change them to the coinciding ports here.
  16. Enter the Usernames and Passwords that you created within the ECC Director.
  17. Where it says “ECC 9 or Higher” …if you had to enter both the RTE and the RTA, leave this at “False”. If you only had to enter the RTE, put that at “True”. Then hit “OK”.
  18. Click on the Ellipses (...) where it says, “Route Point Configuration".

Look through the extensions. If you see the following, make the coinciding changes.

  1. IVR -> Drop it down to say “Queue”.
  2. Any IRN (they’ll know which extensions are IRN’s) ->
    a. Change the name for those to reflect their ECC Groups.
    b. Ensure that the Group name matches that Group from within Mitel's ECC, followed by "ECC". This is case sensitive, so any misspelled Group names, or forgetting to follow the name with "ECC" will not report correctly historically or in Realtime inside of Chronicall. E.g., if your skill group inside of Mitel is "Support", in Chronicall in should say "Support ECC".
  3. Once those ECC groups are named, click on the drop down to say ECC Group.
  4. Close that box by selecting “OK” then Save.

You are now set up with ECC! You can now use the ECC value options in Realtime.