Group Logout Reason Codes

Group Logout Reason Codes are a type of Reason Code that you can use. This provides information on how to use Group Logout Reason Codes. This requires Realtime and Agent Dashboards licenses.

Group Logout Reasons represent when a user logs out of their associated Hunt/Work/Skill group.


Group Logout Codes reasons can be whatever you would like, but they are typically represented by medium importance activities.

These might consist of:

  • Team Meeting
  • Company Meeting
  • Lunch
  • After Call Work
  • Paperwork

The user is typically still logged into their extension so they can still make/receive phone calls, however, they are logged out of a group and will no longer be receiving/making calls for that specific group

To configure the Group Logout Codes:

  • Go to the Agent Dashboard Configuration section on the Chronicall main page
  • Select Group Logout Codes

A list of users will appear.

  • At the bottom of the page, select the "Add Reason Code"
  • Enter a Reason Code
  • Hit "OK"
  • Repeat for as many Busy Reason Codes as needed

Once you've created a Reason Code, you can now assign it to the desired users.

Option One:

As you finish a Reason, select the "blue person" image.


You will now see a list of user's names

  • Check the boxes for those that you would like to assign the Reason Code
  • Hit "Apply"
  • Repeat with each Reason Code

Option Two:

Once you have created your list of Reason Codes, you can now assign them to the desired users.

On the left hand side of the menu, hold the "Ctrl" button down on your keyboard and select the desired users


Once you have the users selected, you can now select the individual check box for each of the desired Reason Codes to assign.

Hit "Save"

The Group Logout Reason Code will now be assigned to the selected users.