Agent Realtime Feature Trace

The Agent Realtime Feature Trace report is a Feature Detailed report. Features consist of phone activities such as Extension/Group login, Do Not Disturb, etc.

Each line of the report will display feature activities of the agents selected. In addition to displaying the login/logout and Do Not Disturb activities of the agent, it will also provide duration totals. To see an agent's feature activities in full detail, click "open," which is located at the end of each agent's column.

It's important to know that this report requires Realtime Agent Seat licenses, and will only provide information for the agents that have been assigned the license.

In addition to displaying the feature, if you have purchased and assigned Agent Desktop licenses, the Metrics column will display the Reason Code selected by the agent for performing the feature. Otherwise, if you don't currently own the Agent Desktop module, the only information that will be displayed in the Metrics column will be for group login. It will display which group the agent logged into.


Realtime License Required

This report will only work for agents that are licensed with an agent Realtime seat.



Column Descriptions


  • The ID associated with agent's feature within Chronicall's database

Feature Type

  • The type of feature that corresponds to the ID. The standard report will display Extension login, Group login, or Do Not Disturb.

Value 1

This will only display data for the Group login features and will display the group associated with the login. Remember, if you have purchased the Agent Dashboards module, you have the option to assign Reason Codes. Reason Codes provide further information into why your agents are on Do Not Disturb, and to why they're logging out of their group(s) and extension.

Start Time

The start time of the feature. (I.e., Group/Extension login, Do Not Disturb, etc.)

End Time

The end time of the feature. (I.e., Group/Extension login, Do Not Disturb, etc.)


The total duration of the feature.