How to Configure After Call Work and Missed Call Work

This article provides information on the uses and configuration of After Call Work and Missed Call Work. You need the Chronicall Agent Dashboards application in order to use ACW and MCW. It is also important to note that ACW and MCW are not particular to skills; they are particular to agents.

Defining After Call Work (ACW) and Missed Call Work (MCW)

Once a call has ended, the agent will be placed in an After Call Work (ACW) state, which means Chronicall Contact Center will not present or offer another call during this period. The agent also has an option to hit snooze if they are not ready, or hit a check mark if they’re ready early. The After Call Work Timer does not have to be programmed as it will be there by default with an initial time of 30 seconds and a 30 second snooze.

Missed Call Work functions very similarly, but the difference is that MCW is used if an agent is logged into a skill and they miss the call. Once the agent has missed the call, they will be put into the MCW state, which prevents the same call from coming back to an agent too quickly and ensures that the agent is not missing the same call multiple times.


This configuration works the same way for both ACW and MCW, but for this example we will be doing ACW.

  1. Select Admin (System) > System Settings > Multimedia Voice, and then click on the ellipsis tool next to the After Call Work Timer.
  2. Choose the initial ACW duration.
    a. Once a call has ended, this is the initial duration that an agent will be unavailable for another skill group call. The format is hours:minutes:seconds.
  3. Choose the Snooze Duration.
    a. If the agent needs more time, they may select a snooze button on the ACW timer. The available time extension is set here. If you prefer the agents not have a snooze option, set this setting to 00:00:00.
  4. In there after call timer or missed call timer values they can change. There they can adjust initial time duration and snooze time duration. MCW is the same process as ACW.