Agent Dashboards Overview

This provides an overview of the different features Agent Desktop has to offer.

Dashboard Values

This module provides a way for managers to directly display Realtime statistics on their users’ desktops. Dashboard Values has display widgets that managers can assign to a user’s desktop so that the user remains accountable for their work statistics. By doing this, managers and users get to be transparent with one another in their communication.

Account Codes

Account Codes gives you a way to track the different reasons one might have for making or receiving an inbound, outbound, or internal call. You can also customize the different reasons you want to account for with every inbound, outbound, or internal call.

Reason Codes

Managers can monitor their users’ activity with Reason Codes. This feature allows users to notify their manager why they are not currently available or at their desk for a call. You can customize the reasons users give for their absence and report on which reason codes are being used the most. Some of these reasons could be going to the bathroom, getting a drink, and taking lunch.