Reason Codes

This provides information on the different types of reason codes and how to use them. Reason codes provide further visibility and opportunities to make sure that your agents are performing to the best of their abilities. This requires Realtime and Agent Dashboards licenses.

With Chronicall Agent Dashboards, you will be able to track the daily activity of your Agent Dashboard users based on Reason Codes. This provides further visibility and opportunities to make sure that your users are performing to the best of their abilities.

There are three styles of Reason Codes.

  • Busy Reason Codes - Typically when a user puts themself on Do not Disturb, Release, or AUX (Depending on which phone system you are using)
  • Group Logout Reason Codes - When a user logs out of their Hunt/Work/Skill group for any reason
  • Extension Logout Reason Codes - When a user logs out of their extension

How to use the Reason Codes

With the Agent Dashboard license, when a user hits their specific "Busy" button, Group or Extension Logout code on their phone they will be asked to select a reason as to why they are performing this action.

A list will appear on the screen requiring them to make a selection.


They must make a selection from the list in order for the window to go away.

Once they've selected a reason, the manager can now run reports on this information.

Example: Agent Reason Code Trace

This report will show:
Feature Type: DND, Group/Extension Logout
Reason Code
Start Time
End Time

Busy Codes

Busy Codes represent Do Not Disturb (Avaya IPO and Cisco), Release (ShoreTel), Aux Codes (Avaya CM)

Busy Code reasons can be whatever you would like, but they are typically represented by lesser activities.

These might consist of:
Coffee/Smoke Break
Refill Drink

To configure the Busy Codes

Go to the Agent Dashboard Configuration section on the Chronicall main page
Select Busy Codes

A list of users will appear.

  • At the bottom of the page, select the "Add Reason Code"
  • Enter a Reason Code
  • Hit "OK"
  • Repeat for as many Busy Reason Codes as needed

Once you've created a Reason Code, you can now assign it to the desired users.

Option One:

As you finish a Reason, select the "Blue" person image.


You will now see a list of user's names

  • Check the boxes for those that you would like to assign the Reason Code
  • Hit "Apply"
  • Repeat with each Reason Code

Option Two:

Once you have created your list of Reason Codes, you can now assign them to the desired users.

On the left hand side of the menu, hold the "Ctrl" button down on your keyboard and select the desired users


Once you have them selected, you can now select the individual check boxes for each of the desired Reason Codes to assign.