Agent Talking Summary

The Agent Talking Summary report is an Agent Summary report. This means that each agent selected will be displayed on their own individual line next to their specific statistics for the given report.

This report lists each of the selected agents on their own row, with columns that represent the agents' total call count for each call direction, as well as the combined agent talking event duration across all call directions.



Column Descriptions


  • Displays the names of the selected agents in alphabetical order.

Inbound Calls

  • Shows the total number of inbound calls that contained at least one event associated with the given agent, meaning the agent was involved in the call.


Inbound Calls

This column includes calls that the agent may not have actively participated in. For example, an inbound call that goes directly to the agent's voicemail will appear in this column. To find calls that the agent had an opportunity to participate in, use Presented Calls.

Remember, adding columns to a report requires the Custom Reports module.

Outbound Calls

  • Shows the total number of outbound calls that involved the specified agent. These are calls that originated within your phone system and dialed out to an external number. Calls can include the specified agent either because that agent initiated the call or because the call was transferred to that agent.

Internal Calls

  • Shows the total number of Internal calls that involved the given agent.

Total Calls

  • Shows a total of inbound, outbound, and internal calls combined.

Total Talking

  • Shows the total duration of all talking events associated with the given agent.

Avg Talking

  • Shows the average duration of all talking events associated with the given agent.