Agent Call Cost

Call Cost reports are typically used in scenarios when clients/agents are charged for their time on the phone. The Agent Call Cost report is a Detailed report. This means that each line on the report will represent one individual call and will provide details for each call. Each line provides a "Call ID." The Call ID is a number that is associated with the call in the Chronicall database. It is a useful number because once the report is run, you can copy the Call ID for any call found on the report, take it to Cradle to Grave for the same time frame, paste it in the Quick Search tool (look for the magnifying glass icon in the top left-hand corner of Cradle to Grave), and it will take you directly to the call.

This will then allow you to see a summary of each agent's metrics. If you would like to see the detailed events of the call, click "open" located at the end of each agent column, and you will see how much the client owes for their time on the phone with the corresponding agent, along with other detailed event information.

To use this report, at least one Call Cost profile must be utilized. A Call Cost profile is created to define the rate at which an agent/client should be charged for time on the phone, or time that a specific event such as talking takes place during a call. The rates are typically determined by external number criteria. For example, a Call Cost profile can contain a rate stating that any call that does not start with local area codes (in other words, long-distance calls) may be charged $0.10 per minute.

For more information on configuring Call Cost profiles, see this article.


Column Descriptions


  • Call ID that corresponds to the call within Cradle To Grave and the database.

Start Time

  • Shows the date and time that the given call started. (Format: 21 April 2011 5:13 PM)

External Party

  • Shows the phone number of the external party associated with the given phone call. Typically, Call Cost reports only look at outbound calls.
    • For outbound calls, this is the dialed party number.

Rate Label

  • Shows the rate label that the call(s) falls into based on the selected Call Cost profile settings (see Call Cost Profiles). Each Call Cost profile can define different rates for different external numbers. For example, a Call Cost profile can have a label named “Local,” which includes area codes 801, 435, and 208. Any call whose external number starts with those numbers will have the “Local” rate label.

Rate Per Minute

  • Based upon the rate label that this call falls into, this field will show you the cost per minute while the user was on the call.

Call Duration

  • Shows the entire amount of time between when the call started and ended. This is how long the call lasted.

Agent Call Cost

  • Shows the total cost of the call involving the featured user(s), as defined by the selected Call Cost profile. The total cost is calculated by multiplying the total number of seconds in the call times the Call Cost profile’s rate per minute divided by 60. Note that the specific rate is determined by the Call Cost profile settings.