Chronicall 4.4.3 Release



  • Add a message to the notification bell when a queue is plugged
  • Update Tomcat version to 9.0.54
  • Published new Chronicall Desktop for Windows and Mac OS.


  • Add Active Directory support to Chronicall
  • Add metric descriptions
  • Add new database for Chronicall running on Cisco
  • Add recordings to database merging
  • Add Blue DB database merging


  • Fixed various agent state issues
  • Fixed Busy Code issue
  • Fixed various call pop issues
  • Fixed various call routing issues
  • Fixed dashboard stability
  • Fixed new user licensing issue
  • Fixed various realtime issues
  • Fixed various recording issues
  • Fixed report Issue
  • Fixed various unhandled call flows
  • Improved 3.12 to 4.0 migration stability
  • Improved backup and recording export stability
  • Improved chat
  • Improved Salesforce integration
  • Improved SSL proxy stability
  • Improved supervisor view stability


  • Removed legacy log4j 1.x