Chronicall 4.4.0 Release



  • Audit Logging - Provides reporting logs for system and configuration changes
  • Improved encryption algorithm
  • Database encryption option - It is now possible to choose to encrypt the database
  • Endpoint encryption - Enabled to default moving forward
  • Changes to BlueDB resources: All of the previous resources are now folded into BlueDB for security consideration
  • Changes to GDPR compliance: When an old backup is restored after privacy tools have been run to remove a user’s data, the privacy tools will re-run automatically based on privacy tool actions that have been run in the past.
  • Updated and optimized Contact Center Realtime wallboard templates
  • Various bug and logging improvements


  • New Standard Reports. These reports are in reference to new Agent/User reports. For further information on Agents vs. Users see this article.
  • IP Office Single Sign On: (ACR clients only) - ACR can now use IP Office Administrators as ACR Users/Administrators upon IP Office Connection. For further information on IP Office Single Sign On see this article.
  • Historical Call Data Retention Policy: Now possible to set a retention policy on call data
  • Agent Availability Tiers: Allows groups of agents within a Skill to be considered unavailable until a certain amount of time passes after they meet a time threshold, more become available for calls. For further information on Availability Tiers see this article.
  • Auto Logout on Missed Chat: Agents can now be configured to be logged out upon missing a chat
  • Caller Name Override: Sets (or overrides) the Caller Name field for Inbound calls based on the external party number
  • Max Pending Callbacks Allowed: Contact Center clients can now configure a particular skill to only allow a certain amount of QCB's at a time