Chronicall 4.2.9 Release



  • Updated Reports and Realtime Metrics: (E.g., Queue Callback is now separate from the "Outbound Call" metric, Agents vs. Users: Agents consist of extensions that have been assigned a Realtime License, while Users are extensions that are licensed for logging, meaning they have not been assigned a Realtime license.)
  • Nginx updated to version 1.18
  • Updated the formula functionality with the Chronicall WebUI
  • Removed StatusData call counter
  • Multimedia status reflects when a handset is unregistered
  • Pop error message is sent if there is no communication over the MM server
  • Loading agent icons in a separate thread
  • Extend the 'implied transfer' logic to counter transfers to a queue
  • Verification of user rights to download for 'Anonymous'
  • Association of intersite calls on last chance
  • Updated criteria names
  • Pipe caller id to front end for both active media and media endpoints
  • Handle internal call to a group that has unmonitored extension included


  • New Standard Reports
  • Various new report values
  • Flags included as part of installers and updaters
  • Report preview live data is displayed after row type is selected
  • Limit to the number of simultaneous API calls that can be made to download recordings or reports
  • Debug info for SimultaneousRequestMonitor
  • DTMF tone tests
  • Log filter for BlueDB iterator timing
  • Improved handling of twinned receiving parties
  • Improved recording retention handling of files already deleted on the hard disk
  • Method for obtaining recording start time based on the end of the call
  • Debug output to CDR rule evaluation process
  • ENABLE_TAG_FINALIZER_LOGIC and logic to add user name if extension is the receiving party
  • Ability to allow 'search' to match a phone number with a dash
  • Code to re-encrypt recordings from old serial key to a new serial key


  • Realtime duration metrics issue
  • Flipped toggle pin logic
  • Indexing issue with summary values in custom reports
  • Issue with emitting value when start and end are undefined
  • Issue with column sorting
  • Issue with report sorting
  • Drop events always make it to Recording Port Manager
  • Removed feature toggle USE_MULTIMEDIA_PROVIDED_CALL_ID
  • Preview evaluated field no longer selectable by users
  • Local completion service respects the setting LOCAL_REPORTS_THREAD_COUNT
  • NPE when call event data has no trunk information
  • Contact Center Agent Reason Code Trace report will no longer display the reason code in the skill column
  • NPE with prioritized recording association
  • Issues with association logic for E1/T1
  • Issue with sorting exception