Chronicall 4.2.8 Release



  • Use browser locale for localization
  • Allow wallboard loop users to view agents/groups on leaderboard widget
  • Enabled WebRTC single sign on
  • Chinese characters to numeric representation to avoid hashing conflicts
  • Multiple Result/Percent Result track calls by ID to remove duplicates for accurate summary values
  • Hide and disable snooze button after maximum snoozes - Java
  • Notification text for clarity


  • Russian language support
  • Chinese language support
  • Filter for groups/roles
  • UAC for roles
  • Large buffer mode for RTP_BUFFER_MODE in VoiceSetting
  • Added sipCall info to debug output
  • Padding to custom column formulas (custom reports)
  • Multimedia login with pbx group feature
  • Diag option to log out all agents from their skills
  • Log all agents out of all skills at 2:00 am with feature toggle
  • Duplicate report option
  • Custom reports filter option
  • Codec support for .m4a, .mp4, .aac, and .ts audio files
  • "Tag" to call pop
  • Setting to display tag in CCAC call pop
  • COPY_LOCAL_FOR_WAV_CONVERSION to help with remote storage pools


  • Null pointer for all access Cradle to Grave filter
  • Null pointer issue that arises from cloning event too early
  • Added LIBERAL_CD2_DROPPING FT for stuck call issue
  • Cleanup for calls with two transfer events
  • Improvements to cleaning ports in recording port manager
  • Issues with saving scheduled reports
  • Save multiple emails when scheduling reports in HTML
  • Maintain scroll position after list refreshes
  • Bug where Agent Realtime failed to load history
  • No longer overflowing calls that are being offered to an agent
  • Issue with Reason Codes