Chronicall 4.2.6 Release



  • Use DeviceID from ServerEditionPayload for GlobalcallID lookup
  • Use new rest api for getting images in java client. Allow legacy method for backup
  • MM Tests don't fail if they are empty
  • Use "requestId" to preserve formula input order
  • Allow normal authorized users to view loop
  • Use latest accumulator update, clarify var names, keep all updates from the same accumulator id
  • Remove delay to start a call
  • Made non-zero logged in values accepted by default
  • If not MM voice licensed do not send call pops to MM
  • If Caller ID is blank use connected party for Agent Current Connected Party realtime metric
  • Report duplicate case IDs to testrail as one result for multiple environments


  • Added CCAC call test
  • Added IGNORE_DB_PAUSES_FOR_ACTIVE_RECORDING feature toggle to avoid double-pausing
  • Added "Try/catch in MmRtConnection#onClosed. This prevents an error if the session has already closed, so we will still attempt to restart the connection"
  • Added more test endpoints to get the handset info
  • Added a json handset registration endpoint
  • Added Query Keep Alive Thread
  • Added logging (and a feature toggle) for CCAgentState
  • Added setting for realtime acc init timeout
  • Added RL_NOTIFICATION_DELAY setting to avoid live association before Chronicall has processed the events for the call.


  • Fixed HTML formulas with issues different from Java
  • Fixed ClassCastException when checking langauge pack backups
  • Fixed logging for stuck MM call in Active Call Widget
  • Fixed Wallboard parameters issue
  • Prevent NPE and add logs when agent is not found
  • Correctly import (and clear outdated) standard language packs when installing or updating
  • Fixed Feature Toggle Cleanup
  • Better handle of WebRTC calls for pops and active media
  • Better handling of Agent State Devlink3 connection
  • Fixed background images