Chronicall 4.0.9 Release


  • "Rec Assn - Delay" to also effect Active Recording
  • Disable merging when using CD3 Unique call monitor
  • Only allow pause/resume when recording dock is always hidden (i.e. don't start new recording that didn't start before based on rules)
  • When starting Recording Library use the VRTX files to find what stream id to start with
  • Updating BlueDB to version 2.0.6. Should fix the issue where BlueDB failed to backup files due to temp files
  • Use Limbo directory and not VRL to save out VMPro based VRTX files


  • Added Log Filter for DTMF and Feature Toggle to test different dtmf behavior
  • Added new error codes from Avaya, Made it so that we will retry on unsuccessful start recording attempts (a few times), and added a toggle so that we can have it try to only start recordings on talking events
  • Add setting "Live Association - Digits To Compare"
  • Add Advanced Setting to use Agent instead of stream id in recording dock
  • Recording dock can now always show or always hide with a new advanced setting
  • Implement CD3 version of Unique Call Id Monitor
  • Drop multiple streams for call that was getting stream for the internal transfer that didn't clean up. w/ toggle "ENABLE_DROP_ALL_STREAMS_FOR_CALL_WHEN_CALL_ENDS"
  • Added address of sender to the debug log message for Out of Pools cases


  • Do not liberate agents unless that setting is enabled
  • Don't fail when trying to email unassociated recordings
  • Don't adjust event types when it should be a transfer
  • Chat settings should now open even if dashboard settings not opened
  • Fixed Port Mirror association, added recording regression tests
  • Prevent Concurrent Modification Exception
  • Agent skills dialog now 'scrolls' if too large


  • Remove the redirect from ^/web/en(.*)$ to /web/en/index.html
  • Removed a debug log message that slows down the critical Port Mirror thread path