Chronicall 4.0.8 Release


  • When a user opens Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC) from any URL other than the login page, they get redirected to the login page. After they login, CCAC will redirect to the original page the user was trying to open.


  • Initial work for External APIs
  • Support for offline migration of 4.0
  • Config wizard to Cloud UC instances that prompts for time zone selection
  • Filter "Migration_Error" on by default
  • Multimedia Language Pack - trimming setting for padding - default of 300ms
  • MM Voice log filter


  • Audio notification for incoming calls when using WebRTC
  • CCAC will now populate the correct chat window after accepting chats
  • CCAC Agent ending chats no longer blocks subsequent chat offers
  • Minor fixes for chat communication between CCAC and MM backend
  • Various Language Pack improvements
  • WebUI Realtime Wallboards export & Import improvements
  • Recording Export, "Download All Recordings" option
  • Improved the Group Box Widget
  • Improved the Active Calls Widget
  • Recording Download issue
  • Migration now handles unexpected data errors better, will complete "with errors" errors can be found in the logs
  • Accented Chat messages should no longer cause issues in Cradle to Grave and Multimedia
  • Changing max simultaneous sessions should no longer require a MM restart. Not being voice ready should no longer count as a session. Taking a call SHOULD consume a session unless you weren't voice ready when the call started
  • WebUI UAC issues
  • Agent Metrics in supervisor view can be rearranged